Every automated template and macro grows out of a careful analysis of the customer's situation. Every customer's situation is unique. These recent examples reflect that uniqueness.

Consulting firm generates research reports in seconds

PROBLEM: International firm requires offices in all countries to produce reports according to a standard format. The content and structure of individual reports necessarily varies widely and consultants have no time or patience for learning the details of publishing.

SOLUTION: A custom Report Wizard guides consultants through the authoring process and offers them options at each step along the way. A custom menu provides automated tools for insertion of graphics and other content yet limits formatting choices to approved formats. Diagnostic tools detect problems and suggest solutions. Consultants retain tremendous latitude while being assured of conforming to their firmís international standard, all with a near-zero learning curve.

Insurance company automates enrollment of new customers

PROBLEM: Property/Casualty agents oriented toward paper forms need to transition to portable computers and online collection of data while enrolling new customers in the field.

SOLUTION: A custom form template allows agents to work with field data in a familiar context. Data entered on the form is sent to the company's customer database with a click of a button.

Training consultant simultaneously produces student manuals and teacher guides

PROBLEM: Maintaining double sets of documents (one set for trainees and a separate set for trainers) was costing too much money and causing problems with accuracy across document sets.

SOLUTION: A custom addin allows the consultant to author a single document and mark certain content as "teacher only." When viewing the document online or printing the document to paper, the consultant can choose student-only content, teacher-only content, or all content. The need for maintaining double sets of documents is eliminated.

Engineering department writes better specifications

PROBLEM: Fortune 50 manufacturing company rolls out new manufacturing processes nearly as fast as the engineering department can develop them. In this situation, poorly structured, incomplete, or inaccurate specifications aren't just a nuisance, they're a major source of delays and cost overruns.

SOLUTION: A custom template and toolbar guides engineers through the process of writing their specifications and provides automated tools for insertion of formulas, graphics, cross-references, revision history, and document control data.

Manufacturing firm slashes the cost of training documents

PROBLEM: Subject matter experts in manufacturing arena have gotten accustomed to working on computers but have no background in production of highly readable, highly illustrated training documents.

SOLUTION: A custom template enforces document structure and automatically generates learning exercises based on equipment descriptions, procedure steps, and troubleshooting tables. Subject matter experts are empowered to act as their own content development specialists.

Online publisher converts printed documents to HTML database format

PROBLEM: Direct mail retailer needs to leverage contents of printed catalogs for use on database-driven website.

SOLUTION: A custom addin automatically parses catalog contents and generates tagged text in specialized HTML format required by database. Contents that don't fit into standard database categories are automatically reformed to meet database requirements. Hours and hours of work are compressed to a single mouse click.

Medical practice dramatically increases throughput

PROBLEM: Analyzing diagnostic videos of patient organs and producing diagnostic reports in standard format created a bottleneck in a major west coast specialty clinic. Problems were compounded when volume increased and results had to be stored in a database as well as being published in paper form complete with cover letter to third party insurance and legal entities.

SOLUTION: A custom template with built-in mathematical routines allows physicians to key in an absolute minimum of data while generating a complete narrative report and cover letter. An automatic database link captures the data from each report. The bottleneck disappears!

Quality Auditors prepare field reports and supporting documents in minutes

PROBLEM: Highly skilled quality auditors need to spend as much time as possible focused on customer processes. At the end of each visit they must quickly report their findings and publish a number of documents to support their conclusions and establish a path for future audits. Consistency of format across audits and across the auditing organization is critical.

SOLUTION: A family of automated templates allow data to be entered once and then used in multiple documents. Special menus dynamically configure themselves to allow users to complete tasks specific to each audit. For example, a menu of agenda items for post-audit meetings automatically lists only those items relevant to the current audit. The structure and format of audit documents are locked down while content of the documents remains completely under the control of individual auditors. Efficiency improves so dramatically in the first first region that the solution is rolled out nationally as soon as possible.