Our powerful, easy-to-use, automated templates and macros for Microsoft® Office cut costs and boost productivity by allowing users to complete more work in less time. That's what we say. What our customers say is more important.

See what Wordsite customers are saying:

"Your ability to learn our proprietary system and devise a solution within that system was quite impressive. When I see someone do something like this, I wonder what it feels like to be a magician. This is really elegant. I am pleased and impressed. THANKS."

Project Supervisor
District of Utah
U.S. Courts
"Bill Coan is professional, articulate, intuitive, and easy to work with from beginning to end. He immediately grasped the technical features and details that we envisioned. It felt as if he’d been working for our company for years and already understood us inside and out. We could not be more pleased."

Brent Killinger
KC Signing
Ft. Myers, FL
"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Bill Coan. His efforts on our project were extremely valuable in the success of our program. We will be looking forward to opportunities to work with him on future projects."

Nick Novachek
The Cawley Company
Manitowoc, WI
"Quality creates its own demand, that's how I'd describe Bill Coan of wordsite.com. I first contacted Bill a couple of years ago to discuss our opportunities, work with him on a solution, and implement. Bill was totally engaged from the very first phone call. He not only took on his part of the project, designing a solution, he insisted on becoming intimate with our business process. This was key for us in having a successful, lasting solution. Bill's critical thinking, bulletproof solutions, and ability to design forward-thinking structures have been most appreciated. We now have a solution, by his design, that can be maintained internally, without having to depend on outside programming to make changes. Bill is known in the industry as a Microsoft MVP, but I honestly don't think this is enough. Bill is dedicated to quality above all, and this is shown in everything he does. Bill, on behalf of CIBA Vision's research group, thanks for all that you have done to make us more effective and efficient in what we do."

Craig Ferriter
CIBA Vision Corporation
A Novartis Company
Atlanta, GA
"Great job and professional in every sense of the word. I invite prospective customers to call me as a reference."

Matt Pallaver, CEO
Axiomatic Design Solutions
"Thank you for the expert help you provided on our Word addin product launch. The program was a great success and has been a big hit with our customers! Most of all, I appreciated your lightning speed in responding to all of our needs, questions and deadlines. In addition to the clean, efficient functionality of your code, I was grateful to have your thoughtful guidance on so many additional aspects of the program. I continue to be thankful for your immediate and professional response whenever we have questions or need your assistance."

Nikki Kilgore, President/CEO
KaizenWorks Publishing
"Bill Coan brings skill, talent, and affability when it comes to his programming and consulting efforts with Microsoft Word. Bill successfully and timely completed our programming project. Both the program and Bill are first-class."

Steve Kaplan
US Court of Appeals
for the District of Columbia
"The automated forms that you created for us have saved thousands of man-hours already. We are now able to process the highly technical information from echocardiograms into reader friendly text reports in minutes. I was surprised how quickly you were able to understand the complex nature of the medical information we gave you to start with. It has been a pleasure working with you on this project."

Elizabeth Charuvastra, President
Laboratory Industry Services, LLC
"Your work helped us produce an interface from our product to Word, and you developed this effectively, reliably, on time and on budget. Your specialist skills and expertise were really useful to us, and we expect to use you further in additional projects. Thank you."

John Kleeman, President
Question Mark Corporation
"Your work has eliminated one person from the transition team and cut down our time for implementation by at least a month."

Steve Costello
"Just a note to let you know that the program was a HUGE success. The doctors liked the whole program, but they especially liked the report that can be given to the patient. Thank you for working so hard to get it ready in time."

Weight Loss Manager
"When people compliment the project, I always tell them it's because we had the best programmer in the world. I can't imagine that anyone else would have been able to accomplish all of the things you've done so well. Every programmer should be as creative, positive, intelligent AND as great to work with as y'all have been."

Ajeana Jackson
Tuscumbia AL
"Wordsite was able to meet all of our users' needs. This is not easy to do in a law firm environment. I will recommend your services to the world. It was a pleasure to work with someone so professional and intelligent."

Richard Lowry
"Just a note to let you know that the entire staff is extremely happy with the new wordsite macro (addin). Thank you for your FAST - and - excellent service. We will be sure to use your service in the future!"

David Caiati
Mazanec, Raskin & Ryder Co., LPA
"Your code worked like a charm!!! Wow! I've worked with Word for four years now mostly as a Microsoft Product Support Specialist so I know when I meet an expert. Guys and gals reading this: Take my word as a former Microsoft employee: This guy knows what he is talking about!"

Knut Torgersen
"Thanks for all your help. Got the reports and all looks good. As always, you've done a great job for us. By the way, if you ever want to use us as a reference, just let me know. We are a very satisfied customer and don't mind telling others. Thanks again."

Mark Lavine
Underwriters Laboratories
"We marked up a document twice and edited it both with and without the Wordsite template. The results of the time savings were as follows:

Total clean-up time:
Large document: 47.22% increase in productivity with the Wordsite template
Medium document: 54.11% increase in productivity with the Wordsite template
Small document: 77.78% increase in productivity with the Wordsite template

Savings shown in individual activities are:
Incorporating changes - 59.20% savings with the Wordsite template
Checking/correcting cross-references - 61.67% savings with the Wordsite template
Corrections including pagination, table of contents, and headers - 50% savings with the Wordsite template"

Lead Document Specialist
Document Migration Team
"I have had a chance to play with the macro you made for me, and it works brilliantly!! You are a true genius. I will get on with other ideas I have, and I will be in touch with you for more work, if you don't mind."

Dr. Albert Wong
Abbeyhurst Pty. Ltd.
"My thanks to you for your constant guidance and help, and near-immediate turnarounds, despite your extremely busy schedule. Your expertise and professionalism is greatly appreciated."

Raju Govindarajan
"The Technical Procedures template is amazing! You've done some excellent work! Thanks for your support and for everything you've done to help TPS during this transition period."

Linda Walker
"I am pleased to give Bill Coan my highest recommendation. His macros have tremendously improved our output reports. They perform all of the formatting automatically without requiring our users to perform repetitive tasks. This has led to significant productivity gains, and happier customers. His work has also allowed our engineering staff to concentrate on instrument design and control programming, and hand over document formatting to an expert. His macros work correctly, are efficient, well commented, and have always exceeded the original design specification."

David Stelly, Project Manager
Pratt & Whitney Division of Moore Products
"Next time I have a specific job to do that I am not qualified for, I am immediately going to hire a spot consultant that is an expert in the field as you are with Word. We would probably still not be ready if we had not turned the project over to you. Even the consulting firm we typically use doesn't have the in-depth technical expertise on Word to turn the job around as quickly or as cheaply [as you did]. Our application is out in the field with no reported problems. I really appreciate all the help."

Susan Hutchings
"Sometimes I get so busy and distracted with the other things on my plate I forget to say thanks and how happy I am we found you for this project. I was generally pessimistic that we would find anyone period, much less someone as gifted and quick to understand as you have been. Thanks!"

Jeff Stockett
"Great work! I am delighted. I'm especially impressed with the extensive documentation you provided in the form of comments for the subroutines. Thanks so much for your speedy and accurate work. Our old macro never produced results of this quality, even when it would run."

Rick Harmon
Bud Plant Comic Art
"I had the opportunity to work with Bill Coan on a major automotive website. Unfortunately, due to outdated processes, we were updating the web site by taking Word and Excel documents, parsing them, and inserting them into Access databases. The parsings and insertions were done by hand and required over 1600 man-hours per month to accomplish. With Bill's expertise, we were able to save upwards of 1500+ man-hours per month. His coding style was excellent and very well commented. He walked me through the code and provided excellent documentation. The best thing about working with Bill was his willingness to work directly with end users to make sure that the programs he wrote met their requirements. He was also available to add new features to the package at later dates. Bill delivered the solution on time and was professional in every way. He is excellent at what he does and enjoys producing high quality solutions. I offer my highest recommendations for his professionalism and capability."

"To facilitate our record keeping, we decided to automate our log book. Unfortunately, we couldn't figure out a way to make our entries immutable. With your assistance, we appear to have overcome this obstacle. I anticipate [our new "revision protected" log] will be used here in perpetuity. Thanks again. You have provided us with a tremendous service!"

M. C. Gillette Commander
U S Navy Commanding Officer
"THANK YOU!! :-) Talk about making life easier!! We used to do that by hand and the time it took to make the changes and then correct the errors was about 8 hours! You are a life saver!!! :-) That's SOOOO elegant!! I'm a happy fella!"