The smartest, fastest, easiest way to fill out standard documents and create new ones on a Macintosh.

Never type a document from scratch again. Instead, let MacSimplePrompter prompt you for data and update your documents for you. Save hours and hours of work!
  • Get prompted for names, dates, and other variable text.
  • Get prompted to include optional clauses or other optional text.
  • Create simple prompts quickly and easily by surrounding desired text with square brackets. For example, type [Client Name] and get prompted for a client name.
  • Create dropdown lists, multi-select lists, long text prompts, optional text prompts, etc.
  • Take the 60-second tutorial, then set up your own simple prompts in minutes!
  • Add simple prompts to all your standard documents and save hours and hours of work. Never type a document from scratch again!

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