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Double the impact of every document
with this special add-in for Microsoft
® Word!

Use a single document to meet the needs of two audiences. Perfect for buyers/sellers, workers/ managers, trainers/trainees, coaches/players, adults/children, etc./etc.

A new add-in for Microsoft Word allows one document to do the work of two, by temporarily hiding words and pictures intended for one audience but not another.

After preparing a document, the user simply selects some of the content and clicks a button to mark it as "Special" (suitable for one audience but not the other). Material marked special can be shown or hidden on the computer monitor and on printouts simply by clicking "Show Special Material" or "Hide Special Material." Text and graphics can be marked and unmarked and shown or hidden as often as desired.

Tools: Mark as Special, Unmark, Show Special, Hide Special, Special Color, Special Help. 

The add-in software eliminates the extra work involved in maintaining duplicate sets of documents. Instead of preparing one document for trainers and another for trainees, users prepare a single document to meet the needs of both audiences. Material marked special for trainers is shown on printouts for trainers but hidden on printouts for trainees. Pagination remains the same whether material marked special is shown or hidden, so trainers and trainees can both refer to "the bottom of page two" or "the top of page three" without ambiguity or misunderstanding.

Special text shown. 

Special text hidden. 

With this single-document approach, only one spell-check and grammar-check is needed, instead of two. One set of revisions is made, instead of two. Best of all, only one document gets stored on disk, so there’s no danger of the two versions becoming separated from each other.

The add-in software is compatible with Word 97 and Word 2000.

Extend the power of Microsoft Word . . .

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