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Engineering team writes better specifications,
test plans, reports, and design descriptions

A team of fifty engineers has improved the consistency of its engineering documents while dramatically reducing the cost of producing and managing those documents. Benefits include a shorter development cycle, faster time to market for new technologies, and more effective coordination of internal and external resources.

The team's primary focus is the development of a new manufacturing process for a completely new product considered critical to the future success of one of the nation's premier manufacturers of consumer products. Due to the strategic importance of the effort, team leaders report to the company's highest levels of management.

Template automates routine tasks, checks integrity of documents, 
and assists with formatting chores

When documenting their efforts, team members rely on a special template for Microsoft Word.

Extensive context-sensitive checks guide engineers through each step of the documentation process, from filling out required fields on the title page to inserting equations and setting table properties. In addition, the template provides single-click access to additional software routines that check the integrity of bookmarks, cross-references, paragraph styles, and other elements. These routines not only detect the existence of any problems but also guide the user in correcting the problems.

The template automates common functions ranging from the generation of a table of contents and lists of figures and illustrations to numbering and cross-referencing documents, equations, figures, and tables. The template also includes software routines that assist with formatting chores such as the placement of illustrations (and captions) inside easily positioned frames.

The template is compatible with Word 97 and Word 2000 and has the ability to automatically detect and repair legacy documents from Word 6 and Word 95.

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