Generate Research Reports in Seconds

How quickly can you produce a powerful, persuasive, professional-looking research report like this one, complete with cover sheet, executive summary, table of contents, headers, footers, and from 5 to 100 pages of text and exhibits? Take a look at this sample cover sheet, then scroll down for the surprising answer!

With a custom Report Wizard, you can produce powerful, persuasive, professional-looking reports in just seconds. First the Wizard helps you plan and organize your report, then it provides special menu commands to help you finalize it.

Here's what the Wizard looks like. To see how it helps you plan and organize your report, view the Wizard in action

After you've built the basic framework of your report, use the Wizard's Special menu to finalize it. Add, delete, and reorganize sections as needed. Change styles, insert exhibits, and update the table of contents with a click of your mouse. Then automatically check your document to make sure it conforms to your inhouse style guide and content requirements.

Extend the power of Microsoft Word . . .

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