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Add-in for Microsoft Word allows users
to translate documents as they type!

Click of a button provides access to translation database

Sajan Consulting, Inc., an innovative developer of enterprise system solutions for language translation, has developed a powerful new method for translating business documents. Benefits include dramatic cost reduction, greater quality, and reduced translation cycle time.

Translations can be tailored to the needs of each specific
entity within a corporation or other organization. 

The firm's new method utilizes a custom add-in for Microsoft Word. The add-in allows users to gain complete access to Sajan's translation database technology from within Word.

Users can choose manual or automatic translation modes. They can limit the scope of their translation to a single word, sentence, or paragraph, or they can translate all selected sentences (or all sentences in a document) at once.

French translation in blue, original English in black. 

The database technology supports English, French, German, and Spanish, with future capability to support Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, and Polish. In addition to finding 100% matches, the technology offers the ability to "suggest" choices that match less than 100%. To help users track progress of the translation effort, translated text is displayed in blue.

A further refinement for large organizations includes the ability to honor different practices among divisions of the same corporation. For example, a medical products division may need to translate a warning phrase differently from the way an industrial products division translates the same phrase.

"My comments would be to identify our absolute satisfaction with your expertise, timeliness, and professional service. We certainly intend to use you again for future MS Word related development needs."-SFZ, Sajan Consulting

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