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Special add-in attaches custom audit trail
to each Word document . . . automatically!

"One department tracks the use of tables and graphics while another tracks authors, filenames, and total edit time. That's why it's nice that the audit trail can be customized to suit each department's needs."

A custom software solution for Microsoft Word has made it possible to attach a custom audit trail to every Word document (or to selected Word documents), without disturbing normal patterns of user activity.

Events that trigger the audit trail can be configured,
as can the information captured by the audit trail.

The solution consists of a special add-in that gets placed into Word's "Startup" folder. The functions of the add-in are completely transparent to the user. No special actions are needed to generate the audit trail. No menu commands, no toolbar buttons, no special keystrokes are involved. Instead, the add-in automatically generates an audit trail based on such user activities as creating, saving, or printing a document. The audit trail stays with the document even when the document moves to another computer or gets saved under a new name.

Audit trail is configurable and password-protected against viewing and deletion

Administrators and/or department managers can configure the audit trail by selecting the type of information being tracked and by designating what actions trigger an entry in the activity log. All entries are date-and-time stamped. A password must be entered to gain access to the configuration routine. The same password must be entered to view, print, or delete the activity log.

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