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Plant-floor workers slash the cost of training documents!

"I'm no desktop publisher, I'm a machine operator. But look at these Job Aids! I did seven of them yesterday and 12 more today."

A custom software solution for Microsoft® Word has slashed the cost of producing training documents for a Fortune 100 manufacturing company.

The company's training program has benefited in other ways, too. Training documents are more accurate and easier to keep up-to-date because workers on the plant floor produce the documents on their own. In addition, pride of authorship has contributed to higher morale, more active participation in training activities, and greater safety awareness.

The training documents are produced with the help of a custom menu that cut production time in half and eliminated the need for specialized word processing knowledge. The menu is stored in a Word template along with software routines that prevent users from accidentally or intentionally altering the format of training documents. This approach has reduced errors and inconsistencies while improving document quality and productivity.

The Word template includes a special routine that automatically generates a table of contents of all training documents stored in the company's training folder on a central file server. This has made it easier to keep the table of contents up to date, which in turn has made it easier for training teams to make sure they're using the latest version of each training document.

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