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Users get direct access to data with Microsoft® Word

"We add, modify, and delete data for entities such as corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Using Word is the easiest way to do it because everyone in the department already knows how to use Word."

A custom software solution for Microsoft Word has simplified the task of maintaining a database of financial entities.

The solution includes a custom userform that allows users to add, modify, and delete data for financial entities. The data is stored in a set of relational tables on a network server.

The userform contains nine different data fields. Data entered into each field is checked by a validation routine for conformance with a set of rules. Violation of a rule results in the user being prompted to correct the data.

When adding a new entity to the database, a user can create a new, blank entity or copy the data for an existing entity to a new name. This eliminates the tedium of entering identical data sets for related entities such as general and limited partners that belong to the same partnership.

While editing data for an entity, the user can click Clear or Revert at any time to clear all data fields or make them revert to their last saved state. If a user changes any data and tries to close the userform without saving the changes, the userform prompts the user to save or discard the changes.

The userform boasts built-in tooltips and a clean interface that has eliminated the need for specialized training.

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