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Compose complex documents quickly and easily!

Now even hunt-and-peck typists can produce these complex documents in less than five minutes, complete with header, list of tasks, graphics, and callouts.

What kind of documents can be produced with a single cascading menu and virtually no typing? A Fortune 100 manufacturing company has developed a surprising answer to that question.

The company's machine operators and maintenance technicians formerly spent hours laboring over highly complex Preventive Maintenance documents. Suddenly the company was faced with a need to produce thousands of such documents in a matter of weeks rather than years.

I helped the company analyze its document requirements, then developed an add-in for Word that allows users to insert up to 80 different preventive maintenance tasks with no typing. The add-in also allows users to add graphics and callouts at the click of a button. It even allows users to edit the header with a special dialog box requiring only a few keystrokes. Other commands make it possible to move tasks up and down within the document and to change task colors.

Callouts automatically change color to match the corresponding task, saving additional time when a document is revised or a callout is added. Although Word is usually thought to be a general-purpose Word processor, the add-in temporarily turns it into a powerhouse editor for Preventive Maintenance documents.

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