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Wizard slashes cost of SEC document production

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The wizard detects missing and inconsistent entries
and tells the user how to correct such entries. 

A custom software solution for Microsoft® Word has drastically cut the cost of producing submission documents for the Securities and Exchange Commission's electronic filing system.

The solution includes a wizard that steps users through the creation of an SEC submission document. The wizard supports more than 300 types of SEC submissions and automatically prompts the user to provide the necessary information for each type.

The wizard detects missing and inconsistent entries and tells the user how to correct such entries. The results of the user's choices are previewed ahead of time along with a list of any errors. The user can correct errors as they occur or at any time afterward. When the user clicks Finish, the wizard automatically generates a document that complies with SEC specifications.

Menu of special commands

A menu of special commands enables users to manipulate SEC submission documents with greater ease than ever before. The commands make it possible to prepare documents more quickly, with fewer errors, without any specialized skills.

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